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Meet Ashley

Ashley Peterson is the Owner and Principal Designer at The Lifestyled Home, a boutique Interior Design Studio and textile shop in San Diego, California.

Having always had an undeniable entrepreneurial spirit and knack for building relationships, Ashley had side hustles and business ventures dating back to elementary school. For her 13th birthday, her wish was to redesign her bedroom. Though it turned out fabulous and and launched her passion for interior design, she would no longer choose teal and black as her color theme!

After graduating from the University of Arizona with a business degree, she joined a top New York advertising and fashion recruiting agency where she scouted top creative talent - a job she loved.

After a 2015 trip to Thailand, inspired by the region’s handmade textiles and artisan goods, she became obsessed with unique, ethically-made items which tell stories of indigenous cultures. Three years and several international trips later The Lifestyled Home was born...

A southern California native, Ashley is drawn to natural elements and textures which convey a laid-back, California lifestyle. In 2017, with her husband, Thomas, she thoughtfully renovated her own home and since then has taken on a range of both virtual and in-person design projects. Her design philosophy is both layered and approachable, blending the old with the new to create a curated home that reflects the heart of its inhabitants while providing a nourishing comfort that is truly home.

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